For some people this is a stressful time of year as they start to hear the names of their favorite players thrown around in trade talks or maybe their favorite player is a free agent and could be heading somewhere else for greener pastures.

Jason VaritekThe Boston Red Sox have a couple of those players in Coco Crisp and Jason Varitek (I’d include Julio Lugo in there but seriously come on. Is he really one of your favorite players). As we know Varitek is a free agent right now and the window of exclusive negoitations is closing quickly as the Red Sox have just a week to try and get a deal done before dealing with the 29 other teams as well.

For Coco the stakes are a little different. He doesn’t necessarily have to be traded but he’s a commodity right now given the fact that Mark Kotsay is probably the best available center fielder on the free agent market. Coco’s stuck in a platoon with Jacoby Ellsbury and at some point the Red Sox will have to make a decision on this. With Coco having a good run during the playoffs, his value is at his highest right now and he could help bring the Red Sox a catcher or some bullpen help.

Unfortunately, baseball is a business. Yeah it sucks but what can we do. Things happen that we may or may not like but in the end you can only hope those business decisions help your team in the end.

As you have already heard, Dustin Pedroia won his first Gold Glove yesterday. Here’s a list of the 17 members of the Red Sox to have won Gold Gloves.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all figured this out by now, but Manny Ramirez won’t be coming back to the Red Sox next season.

Alex Speier of has some notes from the final day of the GM meetings.

The Red Sox will induct 8 members into the Red Sox Hall of Fame tonight and one of those to be inducted is former first baseman Mo Vaughn.

The Red Sox have asked MLB to host the 2012 All-Star Game.

And last but certainly not least, Fenway Park is once again undergoing some renovations this offseason.