Plax you're so gangsta dawg.Doesn’t it seem like for the most part some athletes are just dumber than the average human?  well folks you can New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress to the list as he shot himself, accidentally I might add, in the leg while in a club in New York on Friday night.

How does this happen?  Well first the shooter/victim must have a gun on his person.  I know NFL players are targets but why carry in a public place?  Why not just hire some body guards?  Maybe have a party at your pad?  Nope.  Not Plax. 

So now he’s packing heat in a public place, a place that probably isn’t anything like “Moe’s Tavern” that’s for sure, and ya know Plax needs to protect himself from all the hoochie in the club.  Maybe Plax was using the piece to impress the hoochie in the club?  Maybe Plax is using the piece to make up for his lack of things in other areas?  He obviously isn’t very bright. 

I see it this way some hoochie says “hey Plax what ya got in your slacks boy?” and Plax being playful starts to fondle the piece through his slacks like it’s his junk and says “you mean this? I’m just packing some …”  BANG!. 

Dumbass.  I just wish he had shot himself while he was in the Arizona desert last February.

I guess he’s officially listed as out for tomorrow’s game huh?