For Those Who Blog We Salute You

Patriots Ford Mustang [Depth of Field Photo]

Serious Commitment [Center Field]

Curt Schilling joins WEEI’s merry band of pranksters [Red Sox Monster]

Roger* Booted From Charity Golf Tournament [Fenway West]

Makes a Swell Gift [Surviving Grady]

New Extended Lost Trailer [Fang’s Bites]

Somehow, this Citigroup thing is the Mets fault [The ‘Ropolitans]

Adidas Is Apparently Having Some Sort Of Party [Awful Announcing]

Women Throw Down Verbal Insults Over Last Black Friday XBox [Busted Coverage]

Devin Harris: From Clowned on the Playground in England to Getting Cozy with the Laker Girls [The Big Lead]

She’s Uncoachable: Very Sexy Boston Bartender Kristy Ann [Uncoached]

Our video goodness this week comes from our friends at Awful Announcing who present us with this week’s installment of Dr. Lou.