Boston Celtics - GQ Photo

In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, the Boston Celtics have been honored as one of The Athletes, Actors and Newsmakers Who Blew Our Mind in ’08.

Celtics great Jo-Jo White wrote the accompanying text for the article:

“It had been twenty-two years since we last reached that pinnacle. Twenty-two long, long years between NBA Championships … So when we got Ray Allen to pair with Paul Pierce in the off-season, you thought, Well, that’s good. He’s always been a heck of a shooter. But when we got Garnett on top of Paul and Ray? You knew something special could happen. But it had to happen because of defense. The truth of the matter is that the Celtics always won because of defense. You don’t get seventeen championships by accident. “As for beating the Lakers in the finals? That’s sweet. That’s always sweet. But really, this was for Red Auerbach … There was a beauty to it ending on our home court with Red looking down on us. And he got the last laugh. He always did.”

Others who were honored include Senator Ted Kennedy, President-elect Barack Obama and Michael Phelps among others.