Here is your look at the news coming out of National League camps in Florida and Arizona.

The babealicious Sooze over at Babes Loves Baseball tells us why Barry Zito is to blame for the 2002 MLB All-Star game ending in a tie.

JD over at SporTech Matter tells us that the Marlins have acquired Jorge Julio to fill their closer needs.

Astros skipper Phil Garner is thinking about making changes to his batting order.

Why did Braves pitcher Mike Hampton leave the mound with a smile on Tuesday?

Ben Sheets will be your opening day starter in Milwaukee.

Cardinals stud, Albert Pujols is featured in ‘Fitness and Muscle Magazine‘ for his workout regimen.

Lou Pinella has to choose between two “Angels” to make his final roster.

The Diamondbacks fifth spot in the rotation is still not decided yet.

Juan Pierre will leadoff for the Dodgers if Rafael Furcal isn’t ready to play on opening day.

The Mets spring training camp and site have a new nickname: “Port St. Latterly

The Nationals starting pitching rotation is very inexperienced.

The MLBPA is looking into Todd Walker’s release from the Padres.

Freddy Garcia is hoping to pitch for the Phillies on April 7th.

Pirates infielder Freddy Sanchez went for a second opinion on his injured knee and is ready to test it on Wednesday.

Aaron Harang will be the Reds opening day starter for the second consecutive season.

Rockies pitcher Josh Fogg wasn’t happy after giving up 10 runs in 3 2/3 innings on Tuesday.