Well here’s the latest scoop on the Barry Bonds saga. On Thursday, Barry decided to make a public apology to Mark Sweeney. Within that, he also made an apology to his teammates, the Giants organization and his family. This is what Mr Amphetamines had to say:

“He is both my teammate and my friend. He did not give me anything whatsoever and has nothing to do with this matter, contrary to recent reports. I want to express my deepest apologies especially to Mark and his family as well as my other teammates, the San Francisco Giants organization and the fans.”

Bonds did not publicly deny the fact that he failed the drug test nor did he confirm it. By the rules of the labor agreement between MLBPA and MLB, his test results do not have to be made public.

Barry is currently only 22 home runs away from breaking the all-time record of 755 home runs by Hank Aaron. Of course what we don’t know is, how many of his home runs were when he was “taking steroids”. I know that there is no public knowledge of him ever taking them, but if you look at his size when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates to now with the San Francisco Giants, are you going to tell me that it was all from lifting weights and exercising? Even the guy’s head got bigger.

If this positive test result is true, this will put a big knot in his contract negotiations with the Giants, who are still working on the contract language of Barry’s 1 year $16 million dollar contract. They are trying to put in a provision that basically covers their asses if Bonds is indicted on perjury charges, has other legal issues, or just doesn’t follow team rules.

Barry, the time is now for you to come clean about everything. You are also a father. Do you want your kids to grow up with a father who is a liar, a cheat (not proven in a court of law)? This decision rests in that big head of yours.

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