When the UConn women’s basketball team and the Dayton Flyers get together on Monday night in the Albany Regional final of the 2015 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, it may resemble a track meet. Both teams like to play quickly.

There is a difference though when the UConn women’s basketball team plays at their rapid pace. They are very much under control. There hasn’t been a team that’s been able to keep up with them.

And even when teams try to slow the UConn women’s basketball team down, it doesn’t usually last that long because of their outstanding defense.

Dayton head coach Jim Jabir hopes to be able to slow them down a little. But with his team playing a similar style, he just has to hope they don’t turn the ball over.

Watch and/or listen below as Jabir talks about how he plans to slow the pace down, if at all and the UConn women’s basketball starting five talk about what it’s like for them to play the swift pace.