I am sure that you like myself was wondering why on the biggest game of the season for the Cleveland Indians was the report released by the San Francisco Chronicle. The report stated that Byrd had purchased almost $25,000 in HGH.

So I took it upon myself to find out and I emailed Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle to find out. Much to my surprise I received a response to my question and with permission I post the answer.

SOX & Dawgs: Is there any reasoning as to why this article was released today with the Indians playing the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS tonight.

Lance Williams: The story was published after we had finished reporting it, and after it became apparent that Paul was not going to answer any of our questions. We made multiple attempts to interview Paul on Friday and Saturday. He refused to talk to us, as did his agent. The Indians also declined to comment.

Yesterday in his press conference, Byrd stated that the story could have been published a few days earlier.

So who is right here? Do we take the word of Byrd or the media? Later in the interview, Byrd stated that he took it with the awareness that MLB knew about it. Here is a look at snippets of the impromptu presser.

.So why then is there a report that MLB didn’t know of his use and wants to question him.

In my humble opinion, it appears as though the authors of the article gave Byrd enough opportunities to make a statement and he didn’t. With no one wanting to comment, they published the story.

If Byrd proves to have taken this stuff without the consent of MLB, what does that say about his integrity?

Hat tipto Lance Williams from the San Francisco Chronicle.