Rather than inudate you with a bunch of posts about some different topics, I decided it would be much easier to give you one post with a bunch of different news items in it.

First off, there really isn’t any video of the Jose Offerman incident but this slideshow from the Connecticut Post is the closest thing to it.

Michael Vick has been offered a plea deal that includes 1 year in a federal prison. He reportedly has until 9 am tomorrow to accept the plea deal. Seeing how all his friends have turned on him, it’s probably best that he accepts the plea. Let’s just hope they don’t put him in the country club prison.

Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit has filed for divorce from her husband of almost 27 years of marriage. Word on the street is that her husband is upset that Tennessee won’t be playing UCONN this season in basketball. Seriously, she cited the good old ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for the divorce.


Jason Giambi won’t be suspended by Bud Selig due to his “involuntary participation” with the Mitchell investigation.