Peter had his friend stop by again to give more memories on the 1967 Boston Red Sox Impossible Dream Team over at Peter’s Red Sox Forever.

Lizzy at Babes Love Baseball presents to you MLB Players and who should be their mistresses.

Matt Ufford from With Leather was on FOX News talking about Allison Stokke.

Anthony over at the Oriole Post gives you his views on the Allison Stokke situation.

The Essentialist says that Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo is a disgrace to Red Sox Nation. I highly disagree on that one.

J.D. at SporTech Matter has his weekly Trent Green update.

Jason at My Baseball Bias talks about the Giambino going on the DL.

Tim over at The Red Sox Times wants to know if there is a Curse of 13.

Josh Q. Public has a video on Bill Clement, NHL anaylst, getting punk’d.

Christine from Boston Red Thoughts wants to know how you say “that sucked” in Japanese. (それは洗いました)

Yankees Chick gives her take on the AROD incident in her latest video.

The beautiful Ladies… are doing a hot blogger contest. I am guessing it’s males.

The week that was Deadspin. Check out the picture.

And last but not certainly least, the always entertaining Fitzy from the Townie News gives you his latest “Wicked Pissah” webcast.

As always, Fitzy’s videos are NSFW.

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