Red Sox News & Notes @ SOX & Dawgs

With the Mitchell Report coming out yesterday and a few past Red Sox players on the list, you can bet the Boston media is busy. I’ve already given my thoughts enough on the subject in past posts and there’s not much more I can say.

In other Red Sox news, they did ink 8 players to minor league contracts yesterday. Those players are RHP Scott Atchison, RHP Lee Gronkiewicz, C Kevin Cash, INF Jeff Bailey, INF Tony Granadillo, INF Keith Ginter, INF Joe Thurston and INF Gil Velazquez. As you see from the list, you will recognize two names, Cash and Bailey. As of right now, Cash is the backup to Jason Varitek but that will probably change before the start of spring training. Bailey made his MLB debut last year for the Sox and will most likely start the season in Triple-A with Pawtucket.

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