Theo Epstein

The GM meetings kicked off this morning down in Orlando, FL, and the biggest topic of discussion will be Alex Rodriguez. For the Red Sox, it will be working with Mike Lowell and his agent on a new contract. Terry Francona is down there as well and he should hopefully get his contract extension that will put him up there with the top-paid managers in the game. He deserves it. Another decision the Red Sox face over the next week is whether or not to re-sign Curt Schilling. There is one signing I do hope the Red Sox make and it’s not a big one but the right one. With Eric Hinske a free agent and not likely to return to the Sox, Theo should try and sign Bobby Kielty if he’s willing to be the fourth outfielder here. He did a great job in his brief stint and proved he can hit left handers. So while Theo and company are in the warmth of Florida, check out these headlines from the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. I left the links up for the other papers even though I am not linking to them so you can check out past headlines. Re-sign LOWELL Theo!!!!

A lot on Theo’s plate [Boston Globe]

Sowing seeds of blockbuster deals [Boston Herald]

Gaps prompt GMs to shop [Boston Globe]

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