Josh Beckett Illustration

Well Tuesday didn’t go as planned for Red Sox Nation as Josh Beckett didn’t get the AL Cy Young. There are some out there that say Beckett got robbed, C.C. Sabathia didn’t deserve it. Well if the voting was based on the regular season and the postseason, then yes Beckett would have won it. But the voting was based on the regular season performance and obviously the voters felt that Sabathia deserved the award. I have no problems at all with the outcome of the vote. I really don’t. While I would have liked to see Beckett win, in the end he helped us win the only thing that should matter, the World Series trophy.

Curt Schilling lays out his new strength and conditioning plan in today’s first link. So while you’re waiting for the AL & NL Manager of the Year results at 2 PM, check out what Schill has to say as well as what the Boston area media is writing about on this Wednesday morning.

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