Kevin Harvick and Juan Pablo Montoya

I was watching the NASCAR race from Watkins Glen online at or whatever it is now, and there was an accident at lap 72 between Juan Pablo Montoya and Kevin Harvick. Montoya’s car was pushed by Martin Truex and his car went into Montoya’s which in turn hit Harvick’s car. After all the cars cleared out, both drivers exited their cars and exchanged some words and shoves.After things calmed down, ESPN interviewed Harvick and the interviewer asked him what was being said between the two. Harvick’s words and I quote him exactly:

I was talking to him about kicking his ass because that’s how I felt!

Gotta love the fieryness of NASCAR drivers.

And to answer your question, yes I do watch NASCAR. I have been watching it online today while watching the Red Sox game.

I hope to have video up shortly.[/youtube]