Vitale aka Dickie VWith college basketball season now amongst us and in full swing we will be inundated by Dick Vitale, aka Dickie V. and everything from his diaper dandies, his prime time players (PTP’ers), the shouting and his commercials.

So it got me thinking if Dickie V. can push DiGiorno pizza, Hooters and other items what new product could he hawk this year.

Well meet Dickie V. new spokesman for one of those “male enhancement” ads you on late night TV.

Hey fellas it’s Dickie V here. I know every guy out there wishes he was, ya know, bigger in the britches. Face it, everyone wants to be a prime time player when it comes to ladies baby!!

Well what if I told you I know of a product that could make it happen for you!! That’s right and it’s done all naturally!! No freaky deaky drugs cooked up at some lab at Duke!! This is an all natural herbal supplement that will make you the big man on campus baby!!! A true prime time player!!!

All the ladies will love it!! Hey even Mrs. Dickie V. loves it!!! What’s not to love baby!!! We’ll hook you up with a free week’s sample so you can see how it works for you. Just one of these little bombers a day and even your nose will grow!!!

Wanna see why the chicks always dug Pinocchio?? Why Johnny Holmes was a legend??? You wanna lay the pipe your lady deserves right?? Come pop a week’s worth of this stuff it will make you bigger baby!!! Its gonna grow!!! I guarantee it!!! You’ll be a PTP’er in the bedroom before you know it baby!!! It’s easy just give us a call and we’ll help you bring the wood!!!

Just call 1-800-bigdickiev baby!!!