A good friend of mine sent me this video of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, from WFAN 660 in New York, raving and ranting about Pacman Jones involvement in a nightclub shooting in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star weekend.

Russo had received an emotional call from one of the victims in the shooting’s relatives and then just went on a 6 minute rant.

[youtube Zy6ShZYlj68 nolink]

He does make some good points about how athletes really don’t pay for their crimes. They usually end up getting some kind of community service. If Tank Johnson is allowed by the courts to go to the Super Bowl after violating his probation, what kind of statement that does that make to the youth of America. It’s ok to break the law if your an athlete, because your riches will get you out of trouble.

I honestly enjoy listening to him when I have the chance. I think he is one of the better sports radio hosts out there.

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