Only ESPN would invent an award show that’s named after themselves. That’d be like FOX starting the FOXIES and giving out awards to all their shows. I’m becoming less a fan of the WWL these days but there isn’t much else in the way of competition. The only thing that sucks more is “Best Damn Sports Show Period”.

Does any other company have a better tag line than Hummer? Hummer. Like nothing else. Isn’t that the truth, right guys?

Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue was good picking on Peyton Manning, Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, A-Rod, Barry Bonds and Greg Oden.

LeBron made his entrance carried in by common folk on a king’s chair.

They can show me Maria Sharapova and that leather dress all night long.

More Taryne Mowatt and that blue dress too please.

Devin Hester, who won for Breakthrough Athlete, must have had his hair done by LMonstro.

Josh, or is it Jake (and does it matter really?), Duhamel who presented with Maria Sharapova did this little thing going into a commercial break where he said basically to come back and join him and his mixed doubles partner, then he paused and said, Maria. She then she asked him what’s my last name and hey Josh or Jake got it right. If it were me, I may have been too distracted by the leather dress so I gotta give him props. But it would have been funnier and added a twist of pop culture if she had said “what’s my name bitch? Say my name!”

Yes Danica Patrick in the shower but I don’t think we needed Kimmel’s hairy back, the horse or Jerry Tarkainian.

They had to send Carmen Electra out with Shaun White and Travis Pastrana because unless you’re an extreme sports fan you wouldn’t have any clue who the hell they are.

Ol’ horse face (Peyton Manning) looked a little stunned that he won best championship performance. Don’t worry Peyton you should go back to getting your ass kicked by Bill and the gang this season.

What was with dunking the baby???? Very unfunny.

“Talledega Nights” was funny but best sports movie?? Over “We Are Marshal”l or “Invincible”? Although Will Ferrell’s taped acceptance was probably better than anything Matthew McConaughey would come up with.

Boom Boom Tap baby, Boom Boom Tap. I hope they show it again and again and again.

Oh jeez the devil, Pat Summitt, herself is going to help present the Jimmy V Award to Kay Yow. The reaction by the crowd for Coach Yow was great, I was glad to see it. And Ashley Judd helps but she doesn’t totally off set the Queen of Mean.

Ahh they follow up that award up with some Boom Boom Tap. Way to make me feel good again.

Geez Serena Williams is as muscular as “The Rock”. Now that’s effin’ scary. And she’s bigger than LaDainian Tomlinson too. Dude your wife always has your back win or lose because you make a lot of money. Don’t kid yourself.

Umm yeah Taryne Mowatt. Thank you voters!!! Thank you Taryne for the blue dress. Now I know what Mitch Ryder was talking about. Yep and she’s blonde too. Taryne I live at……

And what’s better than Taryne but following it up with, you guessed it, Boom Boom Tap. I’m gonna sleep good tonight, I’ll be really tired.

Samuel L. Jackson gets to present the Arthur Ashe Courage award to two guys from Ireland. Sam I love ya but you gotta lose what ever that is on your head.

The “My Perogative” skit was pretty good. Glad to see LeBron has a good sense of humor.

Dane Cook, very unfunny. And just think he’s the guy MLB picked for the post season campaign. Don Cheadle must make too much money now.

Best line of the night goes to Shaq. Prior to presenting the Best Moment award he says “Greg Oden, I’ll see you real soon brother.”
Just Shaq’s way of saying you maybe the top pick but you haven’t done anything yet.

Do you really think if you’re playing NCAA ’08 on line you’re gonna run up against Matt Leinart who plays as “The King of Troy11”???

And of course ESPN has to drag out their biggest schill, Chris Berman for the awards that were previously presented.

Does Kelly Clarkson look knocked up in that dress or is it me? She looks more like “American Idol Kelly” than “Hot Kelly” that she had become.

The only saving grace to Peyton Manning and the Colts winning awards is that they keep showing Ashley Manning.

The Super Bowl rings the Colts have are almost as big as Kelly Clarkson.

More Kimmel in the shower this time with Mike Tyson he’s trying to wash off his face tattoo. Jimmy you know Mike has been in the shower with a few guys before right?

LaDainian so humble. “….all those guys so great at their own sport. They’re well deserving of this just like I am”.