I’ll be honest, I had American Idol on tonight on one of the televisions. I was very curious to see if anything was said about the racy pictures that are all over the internet. Not to my surprise at all, there was no mention. So on the show went.

Antonella Barba sang Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” that was dedicated to her brother, Vincenzo, for being her musical inspiration. Let’s just say, she should probably keep to amateur modeling. The only real mention of anything related to the pictures was done by Randy Jackson, who said that she looked beautiful.

Paula Abdul liked her performance saying that she was better “vocally” then last week. That was about the only praise she got. Simon and Randy said the song was too much for her.

So basically, if you want to see more of Antonella and I don’t mean semi-nude, I hope you voted. In my humble opinion, the only thing that could save her from the hatchet, is in fact her pictures.

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