Seems as though more semi-nude pictures of American Idol contestant, Antonella Barba, have surfaced on the internet. Now I know you are asking why I would point this out and I have a valid reason.

Four years ago, Frenchie Davis was kicked off American Idol for posing nude on an internet porn website. She had done this before she had gone on Idol and had done it for the money so she could get back into school. But the pictures surfaced and she was booted off the show. She had been one of the favorites that year.

You would have to think that these pictures that have surfaced would get her kicked off the show. The new set of pictures basically show her defacing the WWII Memorial. Speculation is that her ex-boyfriend sent the pictures out to members of the Catholic University’s lacrosse team, where she attends college.

As for my thoughts, I am not sure if these constitute her getting kicked off the show. She took the pictures for her private use but should have known better. I do think that the pictures of her at the WWII Memorial are in bad taste and bad judgment.

I am sure that something will be announced before American Idol goes on the air on Tuesday night.

Oh, you want to see the pictures. Well you can click here or here for the full collection to see. Pics are NSFW!

I just found this as well on IDLYITW:

Hey, don’t mention my name but my boyfriend goes to catholic university with antonella barba and is on the lax team with her ex boyfriend ( who she dumped right when she got to and when i saw these pics i called him and asked him if they were real and he said they def were… he saw them in person before and he also saw a naked calender that she made for him as a birthday present… which he said is getting leaked on the internet soon

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