‘The Hits Keep Coming’ internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio just had it’s twelfth episode on the air tonight. Thanks to Anthony and Jason for helping make everything go smoothly, as well as the conversation and taking out part of their evening to talk about the sport we love. The first was live and streaming; whereas, the second hour was just recorded after we got off the air.

A very special thanks to Sean from BlogTalk Radio for joining us tonight on the show. Sean is a White Sox fan and gave us a lot of insight on his White Sox and the AL Central.

Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/oriolepost

You can listen to the show in the BlogTalk Radio section on the sidebar. Look for The Hits Keep Coming… picture and there will be a media player for you to listen. Or you can download it to listen later on, down at the bottom of this post.

First Hour:

  • Special announcement concerning our two shows also being broadcast on MVN.com radio.
  • Elijah Dukes-Gary Sheffield reaching out to him and the restraining order his wife got.
  • Return of Ryan Howard’s bat
  • The free falling Yankees and the return of Roger.
  • AROD Saga
  • The free falling Milwaukee Brewers
  • Barry Bonds and his not giving items to the Hall of Fame
  • Ozzie Guillen’s love/hate relationship with A.J. Pierzynski

Second Hour:

  • League and Divisional roundups


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