Bloggers Anthony of the Oriole Post and Jason of My Baseball Bias and I produce an hour long baseball show every week called, “The Hits Keep Coming” on Blog Talk Radio.

Every week at 7PM Eastern Time (6PM Central/ 5PM Mountain/ 4PM Western/Pacific) we chat, analyze and comment about the world of Major League Baseball.

If you’d like to call in, the phone number is 718-664-6564 or you can send us an instant message if you use AOL IM at hitskeepcoming20. Join us at: at 7PM Eastern Time tonight!

For those listening tonight, we’ll be giving away copies of David “Big Papi” Ortiz’s book, ‘Big Papi – My Story of Big Dreams & Big Hits’ to a couple of lucky listeners courtesy of Holtzbrinck Publishers.

Hour One:

  • News with Ian
  • The Phil Hughes Injury
  • The further drug probe, the steroid situation…
  • The Death of Josh Hancock and how the Cardinals will fare…
  • The struggles of the Yankees, Does Torre stay or does he go?
  • Schilling and his Sock…

Hour Two:

  • Thoughts of April so far…
  • Divisional Roundups