‘The Hits Keep Coming’ internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio just had it’s tenth episode on the air tonight. Thanks to Anthony, Jason and J.D. for helping make everything go smoothly, as well as the conversation and taking out part of their evening to talk about the sport we love. The first was live and streaming; whereas, the second hour was just recorded after we got off the air. Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/oriolepost

Listen to the show archive on the sidebar to the left. The show is up and live for your listening pleasure.

First Hour Recap

  • More Bonds: Brother Angry over Aaron Snub
  • The Jays and their injuries…
  • The World Series to Start Mid-Week this Year
  • Injuries and the Marlins
  • Jorge Julio traded to the Rockies
  • Are the Brewers for real?
  • Roger Clemens and his bullpen session; starting in Tampa
  • The rise of the Nationals, two near no-hitters in a week?
  • The drama in Baltimore
  • The Return of King Felix
  • National and American League Roundup
  • Injury Report

Second Hour Recap

  • Scores from around the league
  • The Baltimore Orioles fiasco
  • Marlin news and stadium update

Download the Archive

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Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!