‘The Hits Keep Coming’ internet radio show on Blog Talk Radio just had it’s fourth episode on the air tonight. Thanks to Ian and Jason for helping make everything go smoothly, as well as the conversation and taking out part of their evening to talk about the sport we love.The first was live and streaming; whereas, the second hour was just recorded after we got off the air.

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The Hit’s Keep Coming…Episode 5
[/coolplayer]Website: http://blogtalkradio.com/oriolepost

Thanks to Chad Gramling from Chad Gramling’s Baseball Blog and Ben from Oriole Central for joining us on the show this week.

Hour One:

The Weather Situation

  • The Cleveland Indians and L.A. Angels playing in Milwaukee
  • Dice-K vs. Ichiro
  • The Saga of A-Rod
  • Brad Lidge out as closer in Houston
  • Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds

Hour Two:

  • Opening Day Stories from Ian & Anthony
  • The Chicago Cubs
  • The Baltimore Orioles
  • Don Imus
  • Preview of Next Week’s Show