I hope you enjoyed the gigantic SOX & Dawgs 2010 MLB preview.  Over the last week we gave you a team by team look at its key players, new faces, their potential MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year candidates, their possible starting lineup and rotation as well as a quick summary.

This preview was sculpted over a nearly seven week period in January and February with some mild tweaking as we went along prior to publication.  It comes from a culmination of reading so many baseball magazines, periodicals, articles and websites that in some cases I may know a team better that its own management.

After previewing all six divisions today is the day we look at the big winners and managers who could be in trouble in 2010.  You can check out all the division previews by following the links.

Sunday: NL West

Monday: AL West

Tuesday: NL Central

Wednesday: AL Central

Thursday: NL East

Friday: AL East

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2010 Post Season picks, Award winners and Managers on the Hot Seat

In the final day of the gigantic SOX & Dawgs 2010 MLB Preview I will reveal all my playoff picks, the World Series winner and the major award winners for 2010 but first let’s take a quick look at what managers are in dire straits as we begin the new season.

In the National League, we already know that Atlanta will have a new field boss come the 2011 as Bobby Cox is retiring at seasons end but there is a strong chance of openings for the Mets as both Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya need to prove their worth.  Any hint of 2010 looking like 2007, 2008 or 2009 and the Wilpon’s need to bring out a huge broom and start cleaning house.

In Milwaukee there are some preseason rumblings that Brewers manager Ken Macha could be in trouble if the Brew Crew doesn’t make some noise.  GM Doug Melvin lately has changed managers like some change their underwear so I guess anything’s possible but if his team contends Macha stays.

Cincinnati’s Dusty Baker is in his third season and I sense some impatience there, especially with regard to his handling of young arms and the rep he has as someone who destroys them, see Mark Prior and Kerry Wood. The Reds don’t want any harm to come to Edinson Volquez, Johnny Cueto or Homer Bailey that’s for sure.

Pittsburgh’s John Russell could be a bit uncomfortable as well but I view that situation as he is only doing with he is given. And face it he hasn’t been given much  It’s time for Buc’s to show some stability and keep Russell around long-term.

And San Diego’s Bud Black needs to make a good impression on new GM Jed Hoyer or someone like Boston 3rd base coach DeMarlo Hale could end up in the Padres dugout in 2011.  The Padres aren’t winning any titles anytime soon but as lng as Black has the same management values as Hoyer he will stick around.

In the American League we already know that Toronto will have a new field general in 2011 as Cito Gaston kicks himself back upstairs but I also think time could be running short on Oakland’s Bob Geren and Texas skipper Ron Washington.  Washington needs to show this team is moving forward and gaining steam as the young pitching staff matures.  Geren’s situation is much like Russell’s in Pittsburgh but GM Billy Beane is known for his patience so he should be able to stick around.

This season could also go a long way in whether or not Trey Hillman stays in KC.  It’s his 3rd season at the helm and it’s a make it or break it situation for him as he has to show the team plays hard for him and that the talent is improving.  If for some reason the Chicago White Sox don’t turn out like they should and Ozzie Guillen starts shooting off his mouth again he could shoot himself out of a job. Guillen is volatile and you have to wonder how much the GM Kenny Williams and the ownership will take if he starts spouting off like last season. At some point you can only blame the talent so much and then it becomes  mangerial issue.

And finally Baltimore’s Dave Tremblay needs to guide his team to their potential.  The O’s could be close to a .500 team but another 90+ loss season in Camden Yards will spell doom for the William Shatner look-a-like.

Now here are my picks for the 2010 playoffs and the major award winners:

AL East: New York Yankees

AL Central: Chicago White Sox

AL West: Seattle Mariners

AL Wild Card: Boston Red Sox

NL East: Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central: St.Louis Cardinals

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Card: Atlanta Braves

AL Dvision Series: New York over Chicago, 3-2 and Seattle over Boston, 3-2

NL Division Series: Philadelphia over Los Angeles, 3-1 and Atlanta over St. Louis, 3-2.

AL Championship Series: Seattle over New York, 4-2

NL Championship Series: Atlanta over Philadelphia 4-2

World Series Champion: Atlanta beats Seattle, 4-3

AL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki RF Seattle

NL MVP: Brian McCann C Atlanta

AL Cy Young Winner: Felix Hernandez SP Seattle

NL Cy Young Winner: Roy Halladay SP Philadelphia

AL Rookie of the Year: Brian Matusz SP Baltimore

NL Rookie of the Year: Alcides Escobar SS Milwaukee

AL Manager of the Year: Don Wakamatsu Seattle

NL Manager of the Year: Bobby Cox Atlanta