Mercury Morris, Mayor of Jackassland

Seems that former Miami Dolphins running back Mercury Morris has told the Nashville City Paper that he hopes the 5-0 Tennessee Titans go undefeated and get the chance to join his 1972 Miami Dolphins with an undefeated season.

“I’ll be watching the Tennessee Titans, and I hope to see them go unbeaten,” Morris said. “We’d like a little company.”

WTF???  Did Morris smoke the chronic that Ricky Williams passed on during the Dolphins bye week?  

Morris is on the record from last year this is from November 15, 2007 when New England was 9-0.

“They have 10 more icebergs to go through in this Titanic trip that they’re talking about. So far, nobody has made it across except us. So we’re over, docked here, waiting on you. I respect the Patriots if they do that. But don’t call me when you’re in my town, call me when you’re on my block and I see you next door moving your furniture in.”

I really don’t get the shift on attitude.  What difference does a year make?  The Titans still have 11 more games to the season plus playoffs and a potenial Super Bowl appearance to as Morris puts it “climb that mountain”.  There’s 11 more icebergs and he’s already taking about company he just better hope that ship doesn’t hit one of them and end up like the Titanic.