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 In order to help cure some of your downtime between now and the game I thought I’d issue a little Patriots Player Quiz. Let’s see how well you, the Patriots fan know your team.

1. Which player is a certified pilot and owns his own aircraft?

  • a. Kevin Faulk
  • b. Adalius Thomas
  • c. Kyle Brady
  • d. Mike Vrabel

2. If he weren’t a football player, this Patriot would like to be an animator for Disney.

  • a. Laurence Maroney
  • b. Ben Watson
  • c. Stephen Gostkowski
  • d. Ellis Hobbs

3. One Patriots player has two brothers who are professional baseball players. The player is:

  • a. Heath Evans
  • b. Matt Cassel
  • c. Eugene Wilson
  • d. Lonnie Paxton

4. This Patriots player will shortly be opening five Dunkin’ Donuts franchises in the south.

  • a. Donte Stallworth
  • b. Heath Evans
  • c. Vince Wilfork
  • d. Wes Welker

5. One player owns a restaurant with former Celtics star Antoine Walker. Who is he?

  • a. Randy Moss
  • b. Junior Seau
  • c. Donte Stallworth
  • d. Troy Brown

6. One Patriots player plays the trombone. This player is:

  • a. Rodney Harrison
  • b. Logan Mankins
  • c. Ben Watson
  • d. Richard Seymour

7. This player was also drafted as a baseball player and was Josh Beckett’s teammate in Class A ball.

  • a. Kelly Washington
  • b. Matt Cassel
  • c. Stephen Gostkowski
  • d. Mel Mitchell

8. Speaking of baseball, this player was drafted as a catcher out of high school by the Montreal Expos but chose to go to college instead.

  • a. Matt Gutierrez
  • b. Tom Brady
  • c. Mike Vrabel
  • d. Tedy Bruschi

9. Last off season this player interned at two Providence RI restaurants in preparation for opening his own sports bar and grille.

  • a. Jarvis Green
  • b. Ty Warren
  • c. Dan Koppen
  • d. Matt Light

10. Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky and this player are from the same hometown.

  • a. Kyle Eckel
  • b. Nick Kaczur
  • c. Russ Hochstein
  • d. Larry Izzo

Put your answers in the comment section, the answers will post in 24 hours.