We start where we’ve started most of these this season, with head coach Bill Belichick and his weekly visit with “The Big Show” on WEEI in Boston. This week the interview takes place on radio row at the Super Bowl with Glenn Ordway, Pete Sheppard, Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas.

The temporary restraining order against Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss has been extended until March 28th.

The temporary order requires Moss to stay at least 500 feet from Washington. No criminal charge has been brought. Washington, 35, alleged they had been in an “intimate relationship” since 1997.

Moss has denied the accusation.

His accuser Rachelle Washington has a new attorney, Darrell Thompson he replaces David McGill. A spokesperson for Thompson confirmed the change while McGill would not return phone calls seeking comment.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finally addressed his ankle injury on Sunday evening.

“It’s feeling good. I’ll be ready to go,” Brady said

Brady hurt his ankle at some point during the AFC Championship game against San Diego on January 21st. Brady hasn’t practiced since then although he has been jogging and throwing the ball as well as getting treatment on his ankle. The injury is not serious enough to keep the MVP from playing in Super Bowl XLII against the New York Giants.

“I’m not concerned about how it’s going to affect my play,” he said. “This won’t keep me out.”

On that note I want to officially say that ESPN’s John Clayton is a douchebag. That stupid ass actually went on the air Monday night with “if the Patriots had played the game yesterday they said Tom Brady would not have played”.

The Patriots said that John or did you get some premonition during your mid afternoon nap and actually think it happened? You can’t even find this “news” referenced on their website. Even in Clayton’s own article on line he says the Brady injury “will probably be the most overhyped story for two solid weeks”. Way to add to the hype there John.

Personally right now I’d pay good money to watch Sean Salisbury, I’d even pay money to watch “Li’l Sean”, kick his ass and put us out our misery. While he’s at it is there something he can do to Chris Berman too?

You’ll want to check out Elizabeth Merrill’s column on on Patriots WR Wes Welker. It’s a nice insight into the man who set a franchise record for catches.

Head coach Bill Belichick is having some fun with media. We’ve all seen or read his comments about Brady and the injury report but Sunday in Arizona he was something else. He even told the media he respects the job they do because they are the conduit to the fans.

Yahoo Sports Michael Silver has a good article on Brady’s mentor Tom Martinez, who met Brady as a 13-year old and helped him develop into one of the game’s greatest quarterbacks. Martinez has had some life threatening health issues lately and won’t be at Super Bowl XLII but it won’t stop him from watching his protégé.

Battle Ground Connecticut. We here in the Nutmeg State are the Mason-Dixon line of all things New York and Boston. Whether it’s Patriots-Giants, Red Sox-Yankees, Bruins-Rangers, Celtics-Knicks we are always in the middle.

Sometimes it can even be like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s but retailers in the state sure are reveling in it as they get to play both sides of the fence in the latest Boston/New York rivalry.

Sporting goods stores are stocking and selling jerseys and other items from both teams. Although the Giants items seem to be selling better. Sport bars will be none worse for wear come Sunday as they will be flooded with fans from both sides.

If you’re looking for a local angle don’t forget Comcast Sports Net/New England is running the “Road to Perfection” each night this week and will have a one-hour post game show following Super Bowl XLII.