When most people think of sports betting, it’s common to think of football or rugby or tennis or any other physical sport that is played in front of a crowd. Yet, many sports betting sites don’t solely feature these types of sports, but additional betting options for members to involve themselves in.

These are often filed away under different headings, with one of those categories being ‘Specials’. But what exactly is it that these areas contain? If they’re not sports, then what are they?

Well, again, this will differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, but let’s take a look a Bet365, for example. The Specials on this platform’s menu are broken down into World events and then country-specific events, making it easier to browse through what’s on offer. Speaking of that particular sportsbook, there’s even a promotional offer for you to take advantage of once you join it. It comes in the form of a Bet365 promo code, and that provides you with up to £100 in welcome bonus funds after you have made your first deposit. Just be sure to make an initial deposit of £5 and you’ll qualify for that reward at the same time.

One of the primary events that Specials often focus on is elections taking place in different countries. So, you’re basically able to place wagers on who you believe will be the next President of the USA, Prime Minister of the UK etc. And this is something you’re able to do even if you don’t live in the country in question, too. That doesn’t just relate to country elections either, but sometimes to state elections.

Other ‘Specials’ to Be Aware of When Sports Betting

It’s not all about Politics, though. In fact, some sportsbooks will list their political markets separately to the ‘Specials’, as they can often become so many. Yet, something else that online sportsbooks allow you to bet on in that category, is awards ceremonies. So, whenever the Oscars or the BAFTAs are due to come around, you’ll find a selection of sports betting sites that allow you to bet on who you believe will win for Best Film or Best Actress, for example.

Additional entertainment bets can be placed via ‘Specials’ sections at online sportsbooks, too. So, if there’s a particularly enthralling reality television show taking place in a country, bettors have the opportunity to wager on the eventual victor or perhaps on who will be eliminated next. This has happened before with shows like Love Island and the X Factor, as just a couple of example. Of course, these sorts of wagers are probably a lot easier to enjoy and engage with if you watch the television shows in question.

Finally, something else that you can find in the ‘Specials’ of some sportsbooks is all to do with music. So, they may offer odds on which band or singer you believe will hold the number one spot at Christmas. Or if you believe a certain artist’s single or album release will soar to the top of the albums charts. Whatever the case may be, ‘Specials’ betting can actually be some of the most enthralling sports betting available.