You have decided to move out, found a good and stable job in another city or gotten a raise at your current job, or you have decided to start a family and are looking for a new place to live. There are numerous reasons for moving out and the best thing you could do, if you are trying to find a new place to live, is to build your own house. That way you have the maximum control over all the variables, you can place your bedroom to the east to enjoy that sweet morning rays of sunshine waking you up, then you set your living room to face south and enjoy pleasant lighting and all the bonuses this side brings all year round, and finally, you put your workroom or atelier to the north and enjoy evenly distributed sunlight throughout the day without distractions. This might sound complicated if you are only starting but it is really rather simple and, with the assistance of a competent architect, you will have the place of your dreams in no time. However, most of the time that is not how things end up to be. In most cases, when we’re moving we’re buying a new but already existing place, or simply renting an apartment or a house to live in for a certain period of time. While that removes a lot of factors that we could change and have an influence on, it still leaves you with a ton of stuff you could do to. Of course, this article is nowhere near enough to encompass everything that can be said on the topic but it will give you somewhat of a foundation in your further research and adventures. The internet is a vast place filled with information and interior designers study for years to become competent in the field. Once you are in an already build apartment, you are mostly brought down to moving furniture and redecorating. Talking about furniture, there are few things from the top of the head to keep an eye on. Your bed should be placed in such a way that you should be able to see both doors and windows. The psychological aspect of being able to see entrances and exits makes you sleep easier. When placing tables make sure they can be walked around even with chairs pulled out. Have your work desks be to the right of the windows and other light sources if you are a right-handed person so that your arm doesn’t create a shadow when working or writing before you switch to play new mobile games out of boredom. Regarding the design itself, there are seven main principles when it comes to interior design and those are space, line, forms, light, color, texture and pattern. Without delving deeper and needlessly confusing you further, keep those in mind and feel free to do as much or as little of research yourself, and you will definitely see improvement and make your place more pleasant.