The former Portuguese enclave was always considered as the Asian capital city of gambling. Gambling here was approved in 1847. In 1962, the previous government granted a monopoly on the operation of gaming to all casinos run under the SJM Holdings monopoly. The Chinese government has administered Macau since 1999, which has dismissed SJM Holding and issued new licenses for casinos.

The World of Luxury Casinos

Macao is the only place in China where gambling is legal. It is a special administration region (SAR) of China, which is home to some of the world’s most incredible casinos where you find famous gambling celebrities, movie stars and riches people in the world.

The casino resorts offer complete services including dining, exciting nightlife and luxury accommodation. Many of the nearly 40 casinos are established in world-famous luxury hotels. However, many local casinos are part of an inclusive resort, where you will find several hotels. The largest such resort is Cotai, where you can visit the largest casino in the world, the Venetian Macao, which resembles Venice.

Las Vegas or Macao?

Macao is a famous place of gambling, culture and history. About 31 million tourists visit the city every year. 2/3 are visitors and passionate players from China and about 1/4 from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Macao has approximately 29 725 rooms located in 73 hotels. In 2018 there were 41 casinos owned by only six companies.

In 2006, Macao had higher revenues than Las Vegas, making it the largest casino area in the world. The most popular casino game in Macau is Baccarat. There are many VIP Baccarat tables which generate over 16 millions dollars every year. The Baccarat tables attract really big high rollers so as the best casino bonuses Macau offers for these players.

The Biggest Casino in the World

As we mentioned earlier, the largest casino in the world is located in Macau – Venetian Casino. And it is not only the biggest casino, but it is also the biggest hotel in Asia. All areas of the casino are based on a famous Italian city. The building itself consists of 39 floors and is one of the most impressive buildings in Macau.

The casino is spread over 546,000 square feet of gaming space, in which there are 6,000 slot machines and more than 800 different gaming tables. In addition, you will also find 3,000 hotel rooms and suites, 1.2 million square feet of conference space, an arena, retail space and some of the world’s best restaurants.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino was opened in 2007, and it cost 2.4 billion dollars.

What Can You Do in Macau besides Gambling

There are plenty of things to do, even if you do not like to bet money. Macau has a mesmerizing historical centre which was added to UNESCO list in 2005. 

The most famous sights:

The Church of St. Paul – the most famous and most photographed monument in Macau. The original church burned down in 1825, leaving only the facade.

Senado Square – an essential square where significant events took place and still take place. The square is incredibly reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Near the square, there are alleys with other churches and buildings.

Monte Fortress – built in the 17th century and used to defend the city. In the fortress, there is a museum that tells the history of the city. The fort is located on Guia Hill and is surrounded by a park and a lighthouse. From the hill is a beautiful view of the old town.