The Coronavirus affected many lives this year and it’s still at large as the National Basketball Association (NBA) has now confirmed 48 basketball players have been tested positive for COVID-19 ever since the testing resumed last week.

In cooperation with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), the NBA confirmed that a total of 546 players were tested between November 24 to 30 in its initial stage of testing.

This also means that nine percent of tests came out positive during that period of time, according to the Associated Press, which was later covered by americancasinosites casino at the end of the day.

The players, who came out positive, were forced into isolation until being cleared by the rules and restrictions by the NBA and the NBPA.

The safety protocols set by the association states that any player tested positive in this pre-camp phase “must receive medical clearance from a team-designated physician and a league-designated physician prior to entering a team facility, participating in in-personteam-organizedd activities, or interacting in-person with other” members of their team.

Basketball players need to achieve three negative polymerase chain reactions (PCR) test from November 24 to 30 before they can be cleared to start their individual workouts. And any player tested positive will need to complete a cardiac exam before they are allowed to play.

The dates for the testing varies, due to this, some of the 48 players will be not be cleared in time before NBA’s pre-season schedule begins on December 11. With the regular season set to start on December 22.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said Stevie Kerr said: “I’m confident that the league is going to do everything in their power to do things the right way and to protect us, protect the players and the staffs.

“Then, who the hell knows?

“I mean, it’s 2020, I think we just have to go into it with an open mind and do our best and see what happens.”

Earlier this week, the Warriors general manager Rob Myers confirmed to the media that two of its player was tested positive for the Covid-19. He failed to reveal the names of the players.

Myers also confirmed that they have been handed permission by San Francisco Country to host full-contact practices, with pondering this event will pan out.

Meanwhile, Coach Steve Kerr confirmed to the media that he has already decided on his four regular staters; Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kelly Oubre, and Andrew Wiggins. From the looks of it, No. 2 overall pick James Wiseman will need to right for a place in the first team of the Warriors.