Are you thinking about moving to Mexico? Mexico, NY that is. If you are, I highly suggest that you think about that. In the past 8 days, they have received upwards of at least 10 feet of snow. Yes, 10 feet. To put that in perspective, most living rooms have 8 foot ceilings while office buildings have 10 foot ceilings. Sports wise, a regulation basketball hoop is 10 feet from the ground. See below. ↓

Hopefully that puts the height of the snow into perspective for you. You ask why I bring this up. Well here in New England, we are supposed be getting our first N’oreaster of the season. Down here on the shoreline of Connecticut, they are projecting 3 to 6 inches while in the middle of the state 5 to 10 inches, and up in the hill, upwards of a foot. Down here in West Haven, we have only had about 1 inch of measurable snow this year, which is a huge change from years past. Thanks to my Uncle Jock for the tip. Here are some pics from upstate NY after the jump.