Well i passed this along (top half) to my friends at Deadspin and they decided not to use this one as there were alot of good sports stories out there this weekend. Anyways the picture to the left was a prank done by Virginia Tech fans the night before the annual Commonwealth Cup game held each year between Tech and the University of Virginia. Seems some unknown Virginia Tech fans snuck into Virginia’s stadium and painted the T on the field next to the V on the field. My understanding of the situation was that it took the groundskeepers about 3 hrs to get the T completely off the field. Which in my experiences from working in minor league baseball leads me to believe that they tried to wash it off instead of going to get a few cans of Field Green paint and just spray painting over it. A good prank but not as classic as what some Yale students pulled off at least years Yale-Harvard game. That story is better left told by the website which you can get to by clicking the link above. Just think about people, these Yalies are going to be our future leaders of America. Somewhere in the US, George Bush is probably proud of his alma mater, Yale, for those of you who didn’t know that.