Sul Ross State University

Mike Flynt had one regret in his life. Not finishing his college football career.

After a few beers one night with friends they got onto the subject of regrets, and Flynt mentioned being kicked off the Sul Ross State University football team before his senior year. One of his friends told him to do something about it.

So Flynt, re-enrolled at Sul Ross State in Austin TX, started practicing with the team and he has made the roster for the Division III football team. His position is yet to be determined by his coach, Steve Wright, who is 8 years younger than Flynt. Flynt in fact has two kids who are older than most of his teammates and his youngest child just entered the University of Tennessee.

Flynt, a former college linebacker, was a long time strength and conditioning coach at Texas A&M, Nebraska and Oregon has spent the last several yeas promoting the Powerbase training system he invented. But now 37-years removed from his last action the 5-foot-1o, 200 pound Flynt is back on the girdiron.

He is expected to go into the books as the oldest player in NCAA Football history.