At least they didn't dye his ballsYup you read that right. Joe Gannascoli, who played Soprano family member “Vito Spatafore” on the HBO series submitted a picture of his wife, his dog and him to WNYW TV’s True Blue fan forum. Turns out “Vito”, who liked getting with men in the show, maybe a little odd for real as he dyed his poor dog blue in honor of his favorite team, the New York Giants, making the Super Bowl.

Problem is he didn’t quite get the color right as the dog is far from the blue the Giants use and looks more pastel like an Easter egg. People all around the nation say Patriots fans are “asshats” for some of the get ups but I have yet to see a Pats fan dye their dog. And even if they did dye their dog at least a Pats fan is smart enough to get the color correct.

But ya know on second thought who am I compare fans?

Pats fans

While you’re at it take a gander over at the Yahoo Sports blog where the Mighty MJD went one on one with the poor pooch.