Well this explains her strange behavior this past weekend. According to Reuter’s, Britney Spears has entered a rehab facility in the Los Angeles area. Her family had asked her to go into rehab and it looks like she finally took their advice.

It is not known whether she will be receiving treatment for drugs or alcohol but I’d have to think it is both. She definitely looked strung out on something. Maybe she made the jaunt to Club Roxy on Sunday to have one last bender before entering rehab. Also some people are speculating that she maybe suffering from post partum depression after giving birth a second time.

I feel sorry for her kids right now. They are too young to understand what is going on. And again I will say why hasn’t California’s version of DCF stepped in and done something with the children. If Kevin Federline was trying to get custody of his kids from the drunk Spears, he might have a better shot now.