In a case that gets stranger and stranger by the day, CourtTV and the AP are reporting that the appeals court has issued a stay from the appeal that Virgie Arthur filed saying that Anna Nicole’s body cannot be moved to the Bahamas until they hear testimony on why she thinks that Anna Nicole shouldn’t be buried in the Bahamas.

Earlier in the morning on Monday, Judge Larry Seidlin had decided not to grant a stay in the case, which is not uncommon when the original ruling came from him.

And in other Anna Nicole news, A Bahamian judge did not issue a ruling in the custody battle over Dannielynn Smith, and continued the case until March 16th. In another courtroom, another Bahamian judge continued the case by G. Ben Thompson over who rightfully owns the mansion where the baby and Howard K. Stern are residing. That case will pick back up on March 14th.

According to, Larry Birkhead met “his alleged daughter” over the weekend at the house where she and Howard K. Stern are staying right. Is this a sign that Stern knows that he isn’t the father. Read below to understand why I say that.

Also according to Birkhead and Stern are in some type of negotiations to reach a settlement over custody. This could have something to do with the cup Birkhead drank out of on the stand that M. Krista Barth stole from the courtroom after he testified.

As the circus involving this case moves into a bigger tent, I just have to say this. Just bury her body and give her body the respect that it deserves.