About 30 years ago REO Speedwagon had a song called “Time for Me to Fly” and it appears that my time to fly has come. As I explained to Ian with my work schedule expected to get busier as the football season progresses I just do not see myself having enough time to commit to write the New England Patriots game previews that I have written for SOX & Dawgs since the 2007 season.

Over the years the previews have become more in depth and therefore more time consuming. I have truly enjoyed researching and writing them for you to read each week. In the time I have written them the team has gone to three Super Bowls and five AFC Championship games and has continually established themselves as a force each and every season in the NFL.

This also goes for the MLB Preseason Preview I write each year. This takes hours, days, weeks and even months of work. Some days or weeks are more time consuming then others and at this time I do not plan on continuing with that annual post as well.

While I will no longer be writing here on a regular basis I know that this forum is always open to me to express my opinion on anything sports related. Over the years I have written mainly on the Patriots and the NFL but have also contributed on the Red Sox and Celtics, UConn athletics and hockey related points.

Over the years, I also have created the Carl Everett Crazy Hall of Fame. While the Hall has been dormant the last few years as far as new inductees I do have a list, have some stuff written and do plan at some point in bringing you another installment of that silliness.

Thank you for reading,