For Those Who Blog We Salute You

Since I didn’t have time to post this yesterday, here are some links to enjoy before the start of Game 7 tonight.

Guts [Center Field]

OMG Celeb Dramz! [Yankees Chick]

Breaking news: Pedroia’s kinda short, says SI [Red Sox Monster]

This Could Be The Last Time… [Surviving Grady]

The Cowbell Kid Goes into Panic Mode [Fenway West]

Derek [Depth of Field Photo]

Giada! [Fang’s Bites]

Blah Blah Bonds [Babes Love Baseball]

Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs got thrown out of Fenway [Home Run Derby]

Scoop Jackson Would Like To ‘Clarify’ His Idiocy [Rays Index]

FJM takes on Jerry Manuel [The ‘Ropolitans]

The Phillies are hiring [Ump Bump]

VIDEO: Madonna is Ernie to A-Rod’s Bert [Bugs & Cranks]

Dodger Fans Throw Beer On Cops, Feel The Wrath [Busted Coverage]

Wait, There’s Someone In The Sports World Who Doesn’t Know Who Erin Andrews Is? [Awful Announcing]

Lou Holtz is a Michigan-Baiter [The Big Lead]


Video: Bobby Bowden Works Referee Over In Front Of Erin Andrews [You Been Blinded]

Saturday with the cards-gone but not forgotten: Oakland Seals [CCWW]