With the UConn Huskies football team getting ready to start its preparations for the 2014 season in the coming weeks, it’s time for the vacation to end.

I’ll once again be covering the football team again all season long and I have some ideas on what I plan to do. I just have to sit down and make sure they’re realistic considering the time I have to put into it.

While I was away, I did cover some UConn football events and while some of you may know about them, others may not.

We also have some press releases concerning the UConn football team to post and will be doing that as well.

Surprisingly enough, the Boston Red Sox have started to play much better lately and that’s going to make some things interesting over the next eight days as we reach the 2014 trade deadline.

Steve will be doing his usual thing with the New England Patriots this season and we’ll have some info on preseason camp which starts tomorrow.