Earlier in the week, it was learned by the Associated Press that the UConn Huskies men’s basketball team would learn whether or not it is eligible for the 2013 NCAA Touranment possibly in July. But according to Andy Katz of ESPN.com, the Huskies could learn their fate within the next 7-10 days.

UConn Huskies men's basketballConnecticut should learn whether it’s eligible to play in the 2013 NCAA tournament within a week to 10 days, according to NCAA president Mark Emmert.

The deadline for the Huskies to submit their appeal to the NCAA’s Committee on Academic Performance is Monday, according to Emmert.

But a UConn official told ESPN.com on Sunday the Huskies sent in the final appeal within the last two weeks, well ahead of the deadline.

As of right now, the Huskies are ineligible for the 2013 Tournament. They’ve had one appeal already denied and this would be their final appeal.

This could end up being huge for the Huskies in many ways.

We still don’t know whether or not Jim Calhoun will return to coach the Huskies next season. Knowing the fate of the 2013 NCAA Touranment might help make his decision even easier.

Alex Oriakhi has already asked for his release from his scholarship but there’s been no official word that has actually happened. Plus we are waiting to see if Andre Drummond and Jeremy Lamb will announce their decision(s) to leave UConn early and head to the NBA.

If UConn does in fact become eligible for the 2013 NCAA Tournament, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that all three could return which might make the Huskies one of the favorites for next season.

Right now though, let’s just hope the Huskies have their fate reversed and become eligible. Then we’ll just have to wait and see where the cards fall for them.

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