Sox-Appeal debuted tonight. The guy was a freaking retired figure skater. Is this the best of male Red Sox fans we had to offer??

A figure skater?

The girls were pretty, we got to see Tina Cervasio and her husband, Hazel Mae and my girl, Kathryn Tappen did the set up. They also
showed that geeky guy from the promo saying he “wanted to meet hot chics”. You know why couldn’t they have used him instead of Garrett the figure skater? At least that would have been funny. I still can’t get over they used a freaking figure skater. I knew someone who was a figure skater, was in the Olympics, but SHE looked good in sequins.

All in all the show sucked balls. Way to go NESN. Orsillo and Remy did a better job mocking it during production that the show actually was. I think the only other time I may watch it is for the geeky guy who wants to meet hot chics. Other than that STAY AWAY from Sox-Appeal.

I hope Double L, Dr. Chuck, TV Boy or who ever the hell is responsible for that DEBACLE saw how bad this is and yanks it before it even gets to air again.

Just think they kept TC and Eck on ice for 30 minutes so they could air that crap before they did the game recap.

Get it? On ice.