With Dice-K on the mound last night, a lot was wondered whether he’d be the same pitcher as he was in Toronto or whether not he would have that one bad inning. Well as we saw from the final score and his pitching line, he was the same pitcher that threw in Toronto.

Here is a look at what the local media has to say about the game last night.

Extra Bases has the transcript of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s press conference with the Japanese media.

Bob Ryan says the Dice-K era in Boston has officially begun.

Gordon Edes writes that Matsuzaka was in total command last night.

The Detroit Tigers were not impressed with Dice-K says Jeff Horrigan from the Boston Herald.

Steve Buckley writes that Dice-K is finding his groove these last few starts.

Matsuzaka had the Tigers number last night writes Steven Krasner of the Providence Journal. (Free signup is needed to view ProJo articles)

Other stories relating to the Red Sox coming out of the local media in today’s papers.

Rob Bradford writes that the Red Sox are in love with Dustin Pedroia’s fielding abilities.

Rob Bradford also writes that Gary Sheffield thinks the Yankees have a tall task ahead of them to catch the Sox.

Gordon Edes has news on Josh Beckett, Eric Hinske, some minor league moves, Roger Clemens, and Jim Leyland in his Red Sox notebook.

Fenway is the place where elite teams meet says Nick Cafardo.

According to Jeff Goldberg of the Hartford Courant, Josh Beckett is making a quick recovery.

Bill Reynolds of the Providence Journal writes that Curt Schilling’s theatrics are ok as long he is pitching well.