Manny Ramirez the bull

One of Sexy Texy's baseball boyfriendsThe Red Sox got out of Anaheim with a win on Wednesday night and then flew back across the country to get ready for the Baltimore Orioles today. So even though the Red Sox didn’t play last night, you can bet that the local Boston area was busy churning out articles for us to read. So why don’t we take a look at the headlines.

Bullpen source of relief: Sox crew quells anxiety [Boston Herald]

Ortiz has been powerless in clutch [Boston Globe]

Leaving The West Behind [Hartford Courant]

Unfit foundation: Back of Sox rotation must shoulder some of the load [Boston Herald]

Thanks for the memories [Boston Globe]

Peña wants to stay: Not looking for trade [Boston Herald]

O’Brien’s historic call captured mood, moment [Boston Globe]

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