Here’s a look at a few of the stories coming out of Red Sox camp.

Craig Hansen has new pitching coach, John Farrell, to thank for helping him reinvent his slider. Farrell noticed that when he pitched from the third base side of the rubber, he was giving a lot away. So a simple move back to the first base side has helped his mechanics. This is great news for the bullpen. If Hansen can regain the form that made him a first round pick when he was labeled “the future closer”, the Red Sox bullpen situation might look a little brighter.

Kyle Snyder pitched well in the 1-0 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. He went three innings, allowing two hits, no runs, two walks, and two strikeouts. This outing should help him make the Red Sox since he is out of options. Another thing it may do is increase his trade value. He is normally a starter but would take any chance the Red Sox will give him. He’s even open to closing.

“I believe I could. My stuff is good enough and I think I could even throw with more velocity.”

No matter what happens, Snyder expects to be collecting a MLB paycheck somewhere whether it be in Boston or somewhere else. If I am Theo Epstein, I am talking with other teams to see what Synder may bring them. The Red Sox would definitely want a very good reliever in return for Snyder. But what the hell do I know, I’m just a blogger.

After returning from the funeral of former Phillies coach, John Vukovich, Curt Schilling threw a simulated game. In that game, he threw 81 pitches. This is what Curt had to say about the simulated game over at 38 Pitches:

Worked my pitch count up to 80 and was told my last three FB were 93-94 so the arm strength is coming. Had very spotty command with it but I felt that all four of my off speed pitches got better. Threw more change ups and a higher % of good ones. The split was definately better in the bullpen, pretty much the best it’s been in 2 years, which was a great sign. Slider felt great and the curve ball was better than normal as well.

Arm and legs felt strong and I don’t think 80 pitches was anywhere near the limit, so that was another great sign. Broke a few bats with the 2 seamer and also got a few outs, and some swings and misses on the change up, overall it feels better every day.

Had a great chance to talk to some of the younger pitching prospects in the organization today who came over to watch and also throw, including Daniel Bard, Rozier and a young man named Masterson. I apologize for not remembering names but it was pitching day so I didn’t hear very much.

I do know that both Rozier, a big lefty, and Masterson, a big righty, can throw. Both kids had very live arms and good breaking stuf

Next up will be Sunday and it looks like a minor league start is in order. We are playing to O’s on Sunday and it looks like we get them on my NEXT start as well, so I may end up throwing against them next week depending on the schedule.

He also answers more fan questions. I have to say this again. I really think it’s great that he has the balls to be so open to the fans and answer questions. I am sure it won’t be a Q&A everytime out.

Brendan Donnelly said he wouldn’t mind being the closer for the Red Sox this season.

“If Tito gives me the ball, I’ll (expletive) take it,” Donnelly said. “You think I don’t want that (expletive) role? If you want to give me the ball, give it to me. I’ll take it.”

“The bottom line is however things shake out in the end, I’m fine with (it),” he said. “When they call someone in and say, “ ‘You’re the closer,’ the rest of us have to fall in line as a unit.

“To say it’s a competition suggests you’re rooting against someone or hoping someone else fails. That’s not the case here. If it were, the (expletive) who feels that way should get the hell out.”

“It’s all or nothing,” Donnelly said. “It’s up to you to get those final three outs. The rest of the team has done its job to get you the lead and now all of that is over. There’s no one left to come in and save you. You’re either leaving the field high-fiving or getting (expletive) thrown at you.”

We all know it takes a certain mentality to close. Obviously, Donnelly has the closer’s mentality. Can he pitch? Yes he can pitch. He had a lot of success in Anaheim with the Angels. Hopefully, he can keep that form up here in Boston. Whatever role he pitches in, I feel comfortable. And I am sure the Red Sox feel the same way.