Here is a look at the news coming out of spring training in the National League for Wednesday.

Ryan Zimmerman hopes to be the first to a hit a cherry tree with a homerun in 2008 when Washington opens it’s new ballpark.

Astros centerfielder, Chris Burke, is having a tough spring at the plate but he’s not worried about losing his job.

The Braves got good news when Chipper Jones decided he could play after injuring his ankle a few days ago.

Ben Sheets’ shoulder is feeling great this spring and the Brewers couldn’t be happier.

Good news out of Cardinals camp. Jason Isringhausen is set to return to the mound.

After being one of the top Cubs starters before his surgeries, Mark Prior hopes to win the 5th spot in the rotation.

The Diamondbacks are in no rush to bring Justin Upton to the big leagues.

Chad Billingsley learned on Tuesday he made the Dodgers as a reliever and not a starter.

The Giants hope Armando Benitez can regain the form he once had. It’s also rumored the Red Sox are interested in him.

Marlins 3B Miguel Cabrera is doing his best Barry Bonds impression with the elbow armor.

The NY Mets released Cuban defector Alay Soler.

David Wells is loving the atmosphere in San Diego this year.

The Philadelphia Phillies mourned the loss of longtime coach, John Vukovich on Tuesday.

Brian Bixler has impressed the Pirates in his first spring training.

Pete Rose is in the Hall of Fame. The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. This is what Sooze and Lizzy at Babes Love Baseball had to say.

Taylor Bucholz is adjusting to his new role with the Rockies.