Jonathan Papelbon is human like you and I.

Jonathan Papelbon is human no matter what you've heard.

This just in. Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is human.

Folk’s, it’s going to happen from time to time, Papelbon is going to blow a game once in a blue moon. Of course you really don’t want to happen when there’s a chance of the Red Sox moving back into first place for the first time since before the All-Star break. But hey, the game of baseball is a funny game. Things happen sometimes that are out of your control.

The one thing I have to wonder about as far as Papelbon goes is the fact that it was his third straight game pitching. Red Sox skipper Terry Francona brought him into Sunday’s game in Texas to get some work since he hadn’t pitched in a while. He then had to get 4 outs in Monday’s game. Steve echoed my sentiments last night that you couldn’t really complain about his fastball velocity (he was hitting 96 MPH) but something could be said of his command.

He came out throwing cheddar last night and the 6th pitch he threw to Dan Johnson was a 96 MPH fastball that ended up in the seats behind the Red Sox bullpen in right field. He then continued to throw fastballs until a visit from John Farrell. Then he started to mix in his other pitches. Obviously we know the season is winding down and everyone has their aches and pains, but did the 3 straight days of pitching plus the normal aches and pains affect Papelbon last night. We will probably never know the answer to that question.

Let’s just chalk it up to the once in a blue moon and forget about it. I’m pretty darn sure Papelbon already has.

Michael Berger of WEEI explores Papelbon’s workload for the second time this week.

Papelbon got punk’d before yesterday’s game by David Ortiz. As soon as I can get my hands on the video, I will post it up here. It’s going to air tonight on Comcast SportsNet New England at 6:30 PM and again at 10:00 PM.

The Rays organizational depth is being put to the test.

Sean Casey has two more City Hall videos. In this one, he talks about his fantasy football team and in the second one, Paul Byrd stops by for a quick chat.

Another unlikely player was the hero for the Rays last night.

David Ortiz was supposed to get last night’s game off but ended up pinch-hitting late in the game.

The Red Sox said no to TBS about Curt Schilling being used as an analyst during the playoffs.

Julio Lugo hopes to return to the Red Sox as the starting shortstop (Ian’s instant analysis: two words, Jed Lowrie).

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