Boston Red SoxThe spring is in the air
I’ll see baseball players everywhere
I’m singing a song
I won’t do anything wrong

The spring is in the air
I know there’s some baseball somewhere
Maybe here or there
It could be everywhere
with regards to BZN

Hip hip horray! It’s Truck Day for the Boston Red Sox. And that means spring is in the air for us up here in frigid New England.

Yesterday brought us some more early arrivals as Kevin Youkilis and Manny Delcarmen showed up in Ft. Myers. Youk was already in the cages hacking away as he prepares himself for the WBC and the Red Sox season of course. I suspect we’ll see more early arrivals into Ft. Myers over the weekend.

One player we won’t see though is Daisuke Matsuzaka who is training in Japan for the WBC and won’t be in Ft. Myers until the WBC is over. As far as the WBC goes, the Red Sox stand to lose Youk, Dustin Pedroia, Jason Bay and David Ortiz and maybe a few others.

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