Bay Watch

There’s nothing like spending a nice day at Fenway Park getting some tickets for the 2010 season and coming home to this news.

According to, Boston Red Sox free agent outfielder Jason Bay has rejected the latest offer from them and has pretty much written them off according to his agent Joe Urbon.

“We don’t agree with their evaluation of the player,” Urbon said. “Frankly, we have other offers on the table that are of greater interest to Jason.”

And according to WEEI via David Lennon of Newday’s Twitter, a mystery team has gone to five years and he says it’s not the Mets.

It’s not the end of the world that Bay may not end up back in a Red Sox uniform.

What it does though is make it a little more difficult to fill his spot in the lineup. The Red Sox need some pop in their lineup to protect Big Papi and now that may not happen. There is an option out there in Matt Holliday but he could be too expensive for the Red Sox.

So now we wait and see what transpires with all of this.

And after Christmas at Fenway and this news about Bay, can we hope to have a  Happy Holliday or a Happy Halladay?

Editor’s note: I haven’t had a chance to download the video or pictures I took at Christmas at Fenway on Saturday. I will get to it on Sunday and post it up.