You ever wonder if those guys in the Viagra commercials ever get weird extended stares when they get recognized in public? Do they get asked weird questions? Like you ever had a four hour boner? Do you really use the blue bomber? What happened after you closed the door in ad? Did you get to do the MILF in the ad with you?

How do you think the guys who are in the Viagra Band doing the rip off of Viva Las Vegas feel? Are they ridiculed for a lame knockoff that you’d expect out of Weird Al Yankovick? Do people request they sing their parts in public? Have they been asked if they actually knew Elvis? Do you think Elvis is spinning in his grave because you used his song to plug a boner pill? If Elvis were alive do you think he’d use Viagra?  And if he did would he chase it with a peanut butter and naner sandwich?